Via Motto Piane, 12
37030 Roncà (VR)
tel. 045 7460240 - fax 045 6549151
Skype: fongaro.spumanti
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The history of the Fongaro agricultural farm is a story based mainly on respect towards the land and all it has to offer. In 1975 Guerrino Fongaro decided to go back to his homeland after an exile of more than 40 years and he knew well that what he was going to do could not be considered market logics. It was the satisfaction to create something unique. It was the need to demonstrate that a different type of agriculture was possible. It was the need to confirm that in the end, love for your homeland always pays back. Many people thought his decisions bizarre: vines with a new conception, drip irrigation plants, when at the time they were unique to Israel, anti hail-storm nets to protect the harvest, an agriculture that rejects big production logics and the use of synthetic chemical products, but above all the unconditional trust in a type of autochthonous vine that nobody had even thought to use “la Durella”. It was to this unique and particular variety of grapes that our history is inseparably linked. A grape, due to its natural strong acidity has always been sold to the French or to the Piedmont area to reinforce grapes destined to make sparkling wine. Grapes that until now, nobody had ever thought that they could have represented a base for unique sparkling wine.
Also thanks to the techniques of making sparkling wines learnt from the Franciacorta masters, Warren decided his objective to realize “metodo classico” sparkling wine, i.e. long fermentation in bottles. The experience matured over the years, dedicated to producing sparkling wine, lets us consider our “Lessini Durello DOC Metodo Classico” a unique and exceptional wine. The ultimate objective for the Fongaro agricultural farm is to make itself and its products known to as many people as possible, whilst keeping intact its philosophy and as a consequence the quality of its products.

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