Via Prandi, 10
37030 Roncà (VR)
tel. 045 7460070 - fax 045 7461003


Wine is emotion, memories. It is gathering and sharing. Eventually, or rather first of all, it is identity. And Giannitessari founded its own on the connection with the area where cultivates its grapes, the Monti Lessini, the true essence of Durello.

Just like its wines, Giannitessari is a direct, intense and, in being different from each other, proud winery. Founded in the 1904 in Roncà (Verona), cradle of Lessini Durello classical method. The numbers are: about 55 hectares of vineyards, 4,500 quintals of grapes, 400,000 bottles produced and 7,000 sqm of modern and well-equipped winery. The 2013 has been the beginning of a new dawn for the company that, with Gianni Tessari and his family, has increased innovation, projecting itself into the future. Every wine has its own soul, a story written by the particular bond between the vine and the ground; between the essence of each grape and the characteristics of the territory where it is cultivated.

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