Two methods, a single soul

Whoever uncorks a bottle of Lessini Durello D.O.C. will always find a sparkling wine that is fresh, delicious and full of character, with an aroma that is reminiscent of Rennet apples and yellow citrus fruits, the great minerality that is typical of wines from a volcanic terroir, and characteristically appreciable tannins - a really unique feature for a white wine - which makes its perlage particularly attractive. The two styles in which it is produced make it a wine that is suited to all sorts of different occasions, but it is not difficult to choose the right one: Lessini Durello D.O.C. made by the Italian or Charmat Method if you are looking for greater mellowness and particularly fresh, bright aromas, or else Lessini Durello D.O.C. made using the Metodo Classico (second fermentation in the bottle) if you want greater structure and more complex aromas and flavours in the wine.

Other wines from the Lessini Mountains
The Lessini Durello Denomination was created specifically to protect our indigenous sparkling wines, which are the pride of our area and its ambassadors around the world. Our valleys do, however, produce other wines, which belong to a different Denomination of Origin: Monti Lessini. .

This includes – first of all - Monti Lessini Durello D.O.C.: this is a traditional style of Durello, which is not made as a sparkling wine but nonetheless possesses all the gutsiness, vivacity and personality that make this wine unique: an attractive acidulous vein, forthright volcanic minerality and a tannic backbone that make this a well-structured white, with excellent potential for ageing.

Also, the Durella grape could not but be part of the centuries-old tradition of appassimento (drying the grapes), giving rise to a rather unconventional sweet wine: Monti Lessini Durello Passito D.O.C.. Golden in colour, with an intense bouquet of dried fruit and honey, sweet yet appealingly fresh, vibrant and gently astringent: it is ideal for accompanying bright, flowing conversation.

In the Lessini Mountains the indigenous Durella is, quite obviously, grown alongside other local and international cultivars: Garganega, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero, grapes that have found certain areas where they express their varietal characteristics to the full, but with a definite local accent.

In the Monti Lessini Bianco D.O.C. all of these varieties can be used according to the individual producer’s interpretation of the terroir, giving rise to wines that may be fresh and fruity or, on the other hand, with greater structure and complexity. For this reason, on the label we only specify the terroir - the common denominator of all the wines from the Lessini Mountains.

The Monti Lessini Pinot Nero D.O.C. comes from a variety that is very different from Durella, but which is in some ways actually very similar. Pinot Nero is in fact a wine with an unconventional personality par excellence. This may well be why several producers of Durello have fallen in love with it, taking on the challenge of making this wine with its ripe scent of wild berries.


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